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The GEAB (Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin) is a monthly publication coordinated by Laboratoire Européen d’Anticipation Politique (LEAP) and distributed by Editions Anticipolis. It is a decision-making and analysis instrument intended for all those for whom the understanding of future world developments examined from a truly European perspective represents a significant part of their work or project. The GEAB is a rational tool for analysing and understanding future trends. Each issue has exclusive and confidential contents (not available to the public for at least three months).

  • Franck Biancheri Heritage Community

    Euro-Citizens Directory 2020

    15 x 21 cm - 94 p

    The Franck Biancheri Heritage Community Eurocitizens Directory 2020 is a project initiated by the AAFB with the support and for the archives of the Jean Monnet Foundation for Europe. It lists, on a voluntary basis, members of the first “Generation Europe” who crossed paths with Franck Biancheri in his research, education and activism activities.

    Paperback : 70 € - Bilingual EN-FR

    PDF : 40 € - Bilingual EN-FR

  • Franck Biancheri

    The emergence of eurocitizens

    Paperback - First edition 1996 - reissue 2015 - 11x18 cm - 132 p.

    This book offers a novel point of view on the recent history of the European construction process by taking close look at the creation and development of the first large-scale European student network, 1985.

    Paperback : 18,90 € - Languages : EN I FR

    E-book : 4,90 € - Languages : EN I FR I RO

  • Olivier Disle - Marie-Helene Caillol - Francis Aubert - Eric Ballot - Olivier Siegler - Yvan Measson

    Une Journée en 2053 (One Day in 2053)


    In French FREE PDF

    Une Journée en 2053 is a free publication from Anticipolis editions, produced in partnership with GS1 France.

    Language : FR

  • Franck Biancheri



    14 x 20,8 cm - 168 p.

    An unpublished historical work that was written by Franck Biancheri in 1992 during the Maastricht Treaty negotiations. A key book to understand the paths and the crossings that took Europe for more than 25 years. A book that gives the keys to understanding the complex system of European construction and Europe today. The look of Franck yesterday on the construction and European governance is still as crying of accuracy and truths on the excesses and blockages of the European system today. A book that gives Europeans the tools to change the democratic course of their history and which should be made indispensable to all those who are at the political helm of Europe...

    Paperback : 18 € - Languages : EN I FR

    PDF : 4.50 € - Languages : EN I FR

  • LEAP

    Euroland at a crossroads - A Review of the debate on the reform of the Eurozone, A collective work coordinated

    NEW !

    14 x 20,8 cm - 63 p.

    Par ce recueil de textes rédigés par des personnalités aussi éminentes que complémentaires, LEAP entend poser le projet politique de démocratisation de la zone euro et démontrer son potentiel de modernisation : la zone euro est une terra incognita au cœurThrough this review of texts contributed by people both eminent and complementary in their profiles, LEAP wishes to affirm the political proposal to democratise the eurozone and demonstrate its potential for modernisation: the eurozone is a terra incognita at the heart of the EU and, as such, provides the perfect opportunity for the development and construction of the Europe of tomorrow that citizens need to seize. This Special Review provides a rarely acknowledged opportunity to make possible a ‘storming of the Bastille’ of the Eurozone!

    E-book : 5 € - Languages : EN I FR

  • Franck Biancheri

    World crisis - The Path to the World Afterwards

    15 x 23 cm - 168 p

    World crisis, the path to the world afterwards " by Franck Biancheri In this uncompromising book, Franck Biancheri (born 1961, Director of Studies at the Laboratoire Européen d'Anticipation Politique) attempts to address the lack of anticipation of European leaders and elites when it comes to the crisis and presents a concrete vision of the future in France, Europe and the world by 2020.

    Paperback : 20 € - Languages : EN I FR I GER I SPA I ITA

    PDF : 4,5 € - Languages : EN I FR I GER I SPA I ITA

  • Marie-Hélène Caillol

    A Manual of political anticipation

    10x15 cm - 64 p.

    What is political anticipation? What is its use? What are the tools, principles and rules which shape it? What are its limits? These are the questions which this small manual will try and answer.

    Paperback : 8,33 € HT - Languages : EN I FR I GER | SPA

    PDF : 4,17 € HT - Languages : EN I FR I GER | SPA