Editorial policy

The foundation of Anticipolis Publishing is the result of double bet:

  • to create a publishing house that is truly European in the sense that it publishes books directly meant for a European readership and therefore immediately translated and released in at least 3 or 4 European languages.
  • to propose books trying to decipher the future, in particular our continent’s common future, in order to help European citizens and decision-makers to define more accurately their choices, objectives and hopes.

The range of Anticipolis’ editorial selection will be wide because Europe is diverse and the future is multiform. But all these works have in common to express a conviction central to our approach: "From now on, tomorrow determines today", as proclaimed in our motto. Indeed, our relationship with the future has been fundamentally modified in the course of the last 50 years. Our epoch is probably the first to emphasize this truth: the future, as much as the past, determines the present of our societies. Until the middle of the 20th century, Humankind’s actions were mostly defined according to habits, traditions, past deeds. But over the past few decades, our anticipation of future models or requirements in terms of norms or climate change for instance, began to influence more and more our decisions. From now on, tomorrow dictates us today.

History is now being written in the future as much as in the present tense. Our present decisions are more than ever the result of our anticipation as much as our experience. Yet citizens and decision-makers worldwide are not trained to this new configuration of History. Governance is never linked to anticipation knowing that what was a wise attitude for clever leaders has become a vital requirement for humankind as a whole. In its own modest way, by means of essays, guides, novels…, Anticipolis Publishing tries to make a useful contribution to what we consider a major intellectual revolution: learning to integrate the future into the building of the present!

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