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Personal data is collected in different ways: on the website “”, conferences organized by our organization, recommendations.

This data helps us for logistical and commercial purposes. For the strict needs of the management of commercial relations, this data may be communicated to our partners. The Data is kept for the period strictly necessary for the accomplishment of the purposes mentioned above. Any natural person has the rights of access, rectification, erasure, data portability as well as limitation and opposition to the processing and organization of the fate of their Data, including after their death.

These rights can be exercised in accordance with the following methods: electronically to the GDPR referent at the following address:

ou par voie postale à l’adresse ci-dessous :
Anticipolis – Monsieur Pierre-Marie Pages
2366, rue de la Haie 76230 Bois-Guillaume France


In the event of the exercise of the right of objection, all communication with the Client (excluding the management of his account) will cease. If the Customer transmits and / or integrates Data necessary for the provision of Training, the Customer will be the data controller. As a subcontractor, Anticipolis undertakes to process the Data in accordance with the Client’s documented instructions and only for the sole purpose of providing Training.


If Anticipolis considers that an instruction constitutes a violation of the Applicable Provisions, it immediately informs the Client. As an exception, if Anticipolis may be required to process Customer Data by virtue of the Applicable Provisions, then Anticipolis will inform the Customer of this legal obligation before processing, unless the law concerned prohibits such information.


Anticipolis guarantees the confidentiality of the Data processed as part of the online purchase.


Anticipolis undertakes to ensure that the persons authorized to process the Data receive the necessary training in the protection of personal data and undertake to respect confidentiality or are subject to an appropriate legal obligation of confidentiality.


Anticipolis undertakes to take into account, with regard to its tools, products, applications or services, the principles of data protection by design and of data protection by default.


Anticipolis undertakes to put in place the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of the stored Data.

Anticipolis undertakes to provide sufficient guarantees to ensure the implementation of security and confidentiality measures with regard to the nature of the Data and the risks presented by the processing.


Anticipolis provides the Client with the necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance with all its obligations and to allow audits, including inspections, to be carried out by the Client or another auditor appointed by him, and to contribute to these audits. . In the event that the Customer should provide Data to a third party and / or to an administrative or judicial authority, Anticipolis will cooperate with him for the purposes of transmitting the information required in accordance with these terms and the applicable standards.


Any person whose data has been collected by the Customer benefits from the rights of access, rectification, erasure, data portability as well as limitation and opposition to the processing and organization of the fate of their Data after their death by contacting the Client directly.


The Client guarantees Anticipolis that it has fulfilled all the obligations incumbent on it under the Applicable Provisions and that it has informed natural persons of the use made of the Data. As such, the Client guarantees Anticipolis against any recourse, complaint or claim from a natural person whose Data is processed.


In addition, the Customer undertakes to document in writing any instructions concerning the processing of data by Anticipolis, to ensure, beforehand and throughout the duration of the Training, that Anticipolis comply with the obligations provided for by the applicable Provisions, and oversee the processing, including performing audits and inspections at Anticipolis. The Data is kept only for the time necessary for the purpose pursued. Anticipolis undertakes, at the Customer’s option, to destroy or return the Data at the end of the Training, and to justify in writing to the Customer that it will not keep any copy.




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